eEmployers Solutions, Inc.
Accredited by ESAC
...the Gold Standard for the PEO Industry
eEmployers Solutions, Inc. is accredited by ESAC. ESAC accreditation is the PEO industry's "gold standard" for verifying PEO financial reliability and compliance with important industry ethical, financial and operational best practices.

Originally accredited on 2/3/2009, eEmployers Solutions, Inc. is currently in good standing and is a participant in ESAC’s Client Assurance Program.*

*In order for a client of this PEO to be covered by the Client Assurance Program’s surety bonds held by ESAC's Employer Services Trust, the client must have executed a written service contract with this PEO and have been issued a Client Participation Certificate by the PEO or by ESAC. You may contact your PEO or click here to access a link to your certificate.
eEmployers Solutions, Inc. eESI is a full-service Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that delivers a shared employment solution to employers by transferring most of their employment liabilities within Human Resources (employee stuff), Workers’ Compensation/Risk Management (Safety), Employee Benefits and Payroll Administration.

A properly constructed shared employment relationship does not change the responsibilities and liabilities of being in business. What it does change is the out-dated internal business cost structures set up to absorb required government regulations, employee needs and unforeseen employment legalities.

eESI centralizes these multiple HR and Administrative liabilities of a business under ONE team of professionals along with offering the latest in HR technologies. This allows a business to reallocate important productive time in order to expand on profitable opportunities that will ultimately lower employment cost; all while the business ownership maintains 100% direction and control.

If transactional HR activities should not be a part of your business model, consult with eESI to see if it makes sense to Simplify your Business structure.

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About ESAC

The Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) is an independent, non-profit accreditation and financial assurance entity that has served the PEO industry since 1995. ESAC accreditation provides assurance of a PEO's reliability and ongoing compliance with important financial, operational and ethical industry standards and government regulations.

Additionally, similar to the FDIC for banks, ESAC accreditation provides PEO clients and their employees (as well as taxing authorities and insurers) with financial assurance backed by millions of dollars of surety bonds to cover important PEO employer fiduciary responsibilities.

Verifying a PEO's ongoing reliability is as simple as clicking the ESAC "click to verify" logo on the PEO's website or asking for a copy of its current accreditation certificate. ESAC accreditation represents the "gold standard" for reliability in the PEO industry!

Why Accreditation is Important

  • Proven Reliability - ESAC accreditation is the only practical way to be sure on an ongoing basis that a PEO is financially reliable, is in compliance with regulatory requirements and is meeting important industry operational, financial and ethical standards. ESAC accreditation is the gold standard for reliability in the PEO industry!
  • Financial Assurance - Similar to the FDIC for banks, ESAC accreditation provides millions of dollars of bonding to back key employer responsibilities of accredited PEOs. This assurance provides protection for PEO clients, worksite employees, insurers and taxing authorities.
  • Peace of Mind - Making ESAC accreditation a primary criteria in your PEO selection saves significant time and resources in your due diligence process. And ESAC's verification of each accredited PEO's ongoing reliability and adherence to important financial, ethical and operational industry standards provides peace of mind knowing that your service provider has achieved and is in compliance with the PEO industry's gold standard!

ESAC's Credibility

  • ESAC has been accrediting PEOs since 1995 without a single financial default by an accredited firm.
  • Accredited PEOs serve clients representing over half of the total PEO industry service volume. PEO clients value the peace of mind and assurances obtained by doing business with a PEO that has achieved the industry gold standard!
  • ESAC's Board of Directors includes distinguished independent directors (including several CPAs and attorneys) representing over 100 years of combined regulatory compliance experience.
  • ESAC is licensed or approved as an employer services assurance organization by 18 states with several other states considering approval at this time.
  • ESAC's financial, operational and ethical standards are continually reviewed and updated to maintain the program's ability to verify the reliability of accredited PEOs and provide independently verifiable evidence of that reliability to clients, worksite employers, insurers and regulators.
  • ESAC's operations and privacy policy are TRUSTe certified, and ESAC's SSL website and accredited PEO database are secured and verified through ongoing audits by a 3rd party security auditor as well as by internal monitoring and database auditing software.