TriNet Group, Inc.
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TriNet HR III, Inc. (d/b/a f/k/a TriNet HR Corporation)
TriNet HR III-B, Inc. (d/b/a f/k/a TriNet HR II, Inc.)
TriNet HR XI, Inc. (d/b/a f/k/a TNET HR4, Inc.)
TriNet HR III-A, Inc. (d/b/a f/k/a TriNet HR V, Inc. )
TriNet HR IV, LLC (d/b/a f/k/a Ambrose Employer Group, LLC)
TriNet HR I, Inc. (d/b/a f/k/a Accord Human Resources, Inc.)
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TriNet Group, Inc.

TriNet delivers HR outsourcing services that allow growing companies to do what they do best. Small to medium-sized businesses in technology, financial services, non-profits, and professional services use TriNet’s all-in-one solution for human resources, benefits, payroll, workers' compensation, and strategic human capital services.

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