The advantages of using an accredited service provider:

Operational excellence

Accredited service providers voluntarily undergo extensive due diligence at their expense. This includes compliance with more than 40 industry best practices, including quarterly verification of all key employer payments of federal, state and local employment taxes, health and workers’ compensation premiums and retirement plan contributions.

A source of trusted advice and services

Whether you need to outsource non-productive back office compliance and administrative tasks, add benefits to attract and retain the right employees or improve workforce productivity, an accredited service provider can provide the expertise, reliability and economies of scale that you need to achieve your business goals.

Vetted ethical and dependable owners and managers

The business competence, honesty and financial reliability of key owners and managers are verified and monitored on an ongoing basis. You never have to worry about who’s behind the scenes.

Regulatory compliance

ESAC accreditation verifies your provider holds the necessary licensing to do business in the states where you operate and is in compliance with important state and federal requirements.

Financial reliability

Accreditation provides the only practical way for you to verify a service provider’s financial reliability and resources to pay all employer fiduciary responsibilities in a timely manner. What’s more each accredited service provider’s clients are covered by over $15 million in surety bonds held in trust at a national bank.

Continuous due diligence

Your service provider’s accreditation – including compliance with comprehensive financial, operational and ethical requirements -- is independently verified on a quarterly basis. You can monitor accreditation status at any time by clicking on the ESAC logo on your service provider’s website, by using the Accredited-Bonded hyperlink in your service provider’s email signature block or by calling ESAC at 501.219.2045. ESAC also will notify you in writing if your service provider’s accreditation is terminated for any reason.