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eEmployers Solutions, Inc.

eESI is a full-service Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that delivers a shared employment solution to employers by transferring most of their employment liabilities within Human Resources (employee stuff), Workers’ Compensation/Risk Management (Safety), Employee Benefits and Payroll Administration.

A properly constructed shared employment relationship does not change the responsibilities and liabilities of being in business. What it does change is the out-dated internal business cost structures set up to absorb required government regulations, employee needs and unforeseen employment legalities.

eESI centralizes these multiple HR and Administrative liabilities of a business under ONE team of professionals along with offering the latest in HR technologies. This allows a business to reallocate important productive time in order to expand on profitable opportunities that will ultimately lower employment cost; all while the business ownership maintains 100% direction and control.

If transactional HR activities should not be a part of your business model, consult with eESI to see if it makes sense to Simplify your Business structure.

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